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Hey guys TaekoTron here,

I created this site to provide useful information and reviews with a funny, personal twist. I find other WoW sites to be either lacking useful content or a personal and informal approach.

I hope you enjoy my site and find some useful information to help make your WoW experience more enjoyable.

Feel free to contact me with your views on the site or general questions, I love getting emails from fans. My email address is once again [email protected]

About Me:

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I’ve always been a gamer. Before world of warcraft
my days were filled with Diablo 2 and everquest and
that with super mario world on Super Nintendo.

I bought WoW on the day after release after anticipating its release for months and then it being delivered a day late (I don’t preorder games online anymore after being let down several times). Since that fateful day I’ve filled my time with WoW ever since. I play every day and am a competetive kinda guy, I always like to have the best gear and most gold.

I personally hate leveling. You may be suprised at that since I’ve got 4 level 85′s but I just hate it. Questing sucks in WoW and yields very little personal satisfaction and grinding is too slow really. You might be thinking so how come I’ve got 4 85′s? Well obviously I used a leveling guide so it was much faster but also it’s because i love to experience different classes both in PVE and PVP.

Once I’m 85 I love it though, I love finding new, inventive ways to make gold and getting new equipment. I think that a lot of players will agree with me that getting that new weapon you’ve been saving up for for weeks is very satisfying.

Thanks for reading and please email me your stories of WoW, or your experience of the guides I review. I’d love to read them.

TaekoTron, the creator of BWR.

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Who Am I?

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Hey TaekoTron here,

I first started playing WoW in 2005 and within 3 months of really getting serious with the game I was able to achieve my goal getting 4 of my characters to level 85.

I'm not one to brag with huge figures and I'm not exactly the best player anyway but since then, I've been lucky enough to be able to have fun and 'dominate' at the same time thanks to the help of a few friends.

If you want to read more about who I am I whipped up a quick about me page and you can See at the top of this page for a link to it :)