How to create a dragon edge in minecraft.

  1. Portal in Ender
  2. Dragon at gunpoint
  3. How it works
  4. How to create a dragon in Minecraft without mods
  5. How to create a dragon in Minecraft using mod
  6. Preparing for a battle with the dragon
  7. Dragon Egg Growth Stage

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Have you seen the dragon? Did you fight him? If so, then you know how hard it is to get to him, and how hard it is to cope with him! After the death of the dragon, there is a portal leading to the ordinary world, and an egg. In fact, a dragon egg is just a decoration, and without the use of command blocks, a dragon cannot be obtained from it. But it is still possible! No modifications!

So let's break. First, we define the necessary conditions:

  1. When playing in a single game, you must have the Allow Cheats feature enabled and you must play in the Creativity mode;
  2. When playing on the server, you must be the server administrator;
  3. To use this method on the server, in the file, change the value of the enable-command-block parameter from false to true.

/ give [character nickname] command_block [Number of blocks]

Their meaning is that they perform a certain command when the red stone gives the signal. You probably know that there is a team that can spawn any mob to you, including the Dragon Edge. That's how you take advantage of it. Here you need to describe certain conditions under which the Dragon Edge will appear, and here you can dream up.

You want to grow a dragon, so you need to start with the "hatching" eggs. Where does an egg grow well? In the heat! For example, such a construction is suitable.

At the bottom there are 3 blocks of lava, Ifrit floats in them, the 4th block below is a hell of a stone. It needs to be set on fire. The fire should be surrounded by 4 any blocks. Put a semi-blocks of cobblestones on them. Put a boiler in them and fill it with water. Attention! For the commands below, we need just such a design! And do not forget Ifrit. So, the design is ready. But for everything to work, it is necessary that these conditions be used.

Therefore, we are building such a structure from command blocks.

Therefore, we are building such a structure from command blocks

In blocks 1 and 2, you need to enter commands depending on which direction your design is directed to. Commands are entered in the “Console command” field.

Commands are entered in the “Console command” field

If, as in the case of the example, the structure looks to the north (determined by a compass or with the help of F3)

If, as in the case of the example, the structure looks to the north (determined by a compass or with the help of F3)

Then in block 1 enter:

/ setblock ~ ~ ~ -1 minecraft: redstone_block

And block 2 enter:

/ setblock ~ ~ ~ 1 minecraft: stone

Between the blocks, put the lever and turn it on. A block of red stone should appear, which will appear again when destroyed. If everything is so. We continue.

In block 3 enter:

/ execute @e ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~ 6 ~ dragon_egg 0 / execute @e ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~ ~ lava 0 / execute @e ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~ 4 ~ fire -1 / execute @e ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 5 ~ minecraft: cauldron 3 / execute @e ~ ~ ~ detect ~ 1 ~ 5 ~ minecraft: stone_slab 3 / execute @e ~ ~ ~ detect ~ -1 ~ 5 ~ minecraft: stone_slab 3 / execute @e ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~ 5 ~ 1 minecraft: stone_slab 3 / execute @e ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~ 5 ~ -1 minecraft: stone_slab 3 weather clear 99999

In short, this team checks for the presence of an egg over Blaise, whether it floats in lava, whether a fire burns on a hellish stone and in general, whether the construction is as described above. If so, then the comparator sends a signal further.

In block 4 write:

/ execute @e ~ ~ ~ summon PrimedTnt ~ ~ 6 ~

In block 5 enter:

/ execute @e ~ ~ ~ setblock ~ ~ 5 ~ minecraft: cauldron 0

In block 6 enter:

/ execute @e ~ ~ ~ summon EnderDragon ~ ~ 4 ~

The 6th unit is the most important, it is he who creates the dragon from the egg.

That's it, you can check!

In the popular game Minecraft, a world appeared with the name "The End." Sometimes this world is called Ender. After the release of the game was released, the main boss of the entire game world, the dragon, appeared in it. The question arises, what is the end and how to raise a dragon? The main strangeness of the world is that once in it, the way out is not so easy to find.

Portal in Ender

After the character passes the portal, he will be on the obsidian platform. The platform is above the abyss. In order to get to the island you must have a large amount of building materials. It is also necessary for the battle with the dragon to prepare in advance. You need a large amount of food, arrows, as well as excellent armor and a diamond sword. Best of all, every item will be enchanted. Oddly enough, but to find a way out will have to kill the dragon. The same armor will be required in how to grow a dragon in Minecraft.

On the island there are obsidian columns of various heights. Each pillar holds the source of the life of a dragon. After the dragon flies over one of these pillars, vital energy returns to it. Therefore, before entering into battle with the dragon, it is necessary to destroy all the pillars. After the destruction of the post an explosion occurs, so it is better to strike from a distance with a bow. It is best if during the explosion the dragon will be close.

Dragon at gunpoint

After each life pillar is destroyed, you can begin to attack the dragon. The movements of the dragon are rather chaotic. Sometimes he flies over the player. Hiding from the dragon is not worth it, because for him there are no barriers. When the dragon flies over you, you need to attack him with a sword or bow. Do not forget the Endermen. They do not like it if you hook them. When the dragon's life ends, he dies. Watching the boss die is fun. The player who killed the dragon will get a lot of experience.

After the death of the dragon in the place of his death, the portal appears home. In the center of the portal is a dragon egg. How to raise a dragon, can not do without it. This egg is needed to summon a hand dragon. In order to call it, you must press RMB on the egg. Egg can grow, but for this you need a mod Dragon Mod.

How it works

Egg does not work in minecraft. How to grow a dragon can be understood only by installing the mod Dragon Mod. For growing eggs you need a warm place that you need to find yourself. After such a place is found, you need to click on the RMB egg. He needs light energy and heat, otherwise it’s impossible to grow a dragon egg. After the appearance of the dragon, it must be fed raw fish. The pet will follow you and protect you. You can give commands to the dragon with the help of a bone. To use the dragon as a mount, ride it. To eliminate the dragon's wounds, it is necessary to feed it with raw fish or other meat. In order for the control to be the best, put the saddle on the dragon.

The pet can be controlled using the keyboard: Move forward - W, move backward - S, move left - A, move right - D. You can fly by using the space bar, go down using the Shift button.

The dragon is an excellent defender who will protect the owner from monsters, but sometimes he suffers from such monsters and gets injured. To restore it you need to feed it. If the dragon interferes, it can be seated, like another pet (for example, a wolf or cat), giving him a bone. By installing the desired mod and examining how to grow a dragon in minecraft, you can continue to play with even more interest.

Health - 200

Mood is hostile

Drop - experience, dragon egg, activates the portal to the ordinary world

When you find the ender portal, activate it and pass into the world of the Edge, you will find yourself on the obsidian platform. And here, be careful - as soon as you pass in the world, the measurement boss spawns - ender dragon. And he will immediately try to attack you.

This mob is the largest in the whole history of minecraft, and its speed is 10 times yours. He will immediately try to throw you off the platform. Ender dragon in minecraft is very dangerous, not only that the force of his attack is 10 units, he also tries to throw you all the time beyond the borders of the flying Islands of the Edge, moreover, he can throw you very high, and from this height no one can survive can not.

Important! The henchmen, the wanderers of the Region, whose attacks you also need to fear, will also help the dragon!

In addition, the special features of the dragon ender in minecraft include the function of restoring health from the crystals, which are located on the tops of the obsidian towers.

Since there is no exit from the world of endermen into the ordinary one, the ender dragon is also a kind of key between the worlds, since after death, a portal is formed that leads to the ordinary world.

Also, on the top of this portal is a dragon egg, and if you have the appropriate mod installed - DragonMount, then you will also have the opportunity to grow a small dragon that will grow and become a strong defender and your personal sky gallop.

Before you start fighting this mob, you need to prepare as many arrows and a bow as possible, and even better - a pair of bows, one of which is enchanted to infinity. And, immediately you need to do an important thing - the destruction of crystals, which are located, as already mentioned, on the tops of the towers. Climbing there and destroying them with a sword or pickaxe is not recommended, since the crystals immediately explode, and if you do not die from the force of the blow, then if you take off the tower with a shock wave, you will surely die.

Therefore, take a bow in hand and destroy the crystals in the distance.

It’s impossible to defend by building blocks around you. Ender dragon in minecraft has the ability to destroy these blocks, only the edge stones and obsidians are not destroyed. Ender dragon inflicts damage to the water, but the dragon destroys the source, flying past. You can, by the way, damage it if you throw snowballs.

Important! Ender dragon in minecraft is not at all afraid of lava, and the spell on the fire will not make any impression on him.

Ender dragon will spawn when you first appear in the province, however, if you are killed there, then when you reappear, the likelihood that the dragon will still wait for you is very small.

In some versions of minecraft, you can call the dragon Ender of the world, if you type the following words in the command line - / summon EnderDragon and press ENTER.

Here is such a boss, Ender dragon in minecraft, which is sure to meet on your way if you risk to embark on a journey around the edge.

There are many amazing creatures in Minecraft, but the dragon is of particular interest to the players. This is a rather dangerous mob that can inflict damage to a character, but it is quite possible to make him an ally. Below you can learn how to create a dragon in Minecraft.

How to create a dragon in Minecraft without mods

First of all, you should know that the dragon is a creature that lives in the Land. He can not be tamed, so he is very angry. However, even in this situation, you can find a way out.

First, the player must build a portal to the Land (Ender) and fight the dragon. After that, as a prize, he will receive a dragon egg. He will need to sit out, and you will have your own dragon. First, the egg will need to put in a warm place and right-click on it. Wait a little while until the dragon appears. Immediately after the birth of a pet feed him fish. After that you can play with him. The dragon will protect you from the evil mobs and play with you.

Create your own dragon egg in Minecraft is impossible. More information about the dragon egg can be found in our article.

How to create a dragon in Minecraft using mod

You can create a dragon in Minecraft using Animal Bikes mod. You can download it here - After installing it in the root folder of the game, you can run Minecraft and start creating a dragon. Moreover, this mod allows you to create and many other species of animals - dinosaurs, bats , deer, gafts, cows.

To create a dragon edge with this mod, you will need:

  • 8 Edge sand blocks,
  • 1 saddle (crafted from 3 pieces of rawhide, 1 cobweb, 1 iron ingot).

If you want to fly on your new pet, you will need to press the Spacebar. It is important to know that animals created using the Animal Bikes mod are capable of breeding and can be colored in different shades. If you want your dragon to exhale fire, then during the flight, take the lighter in your hand and press the right mouse button.

Also in Minecraft, you can create a Chinese dragon that will shoot a salute. To craft it you will need the following components:

  • 8 rockets;
  • 1 saddle

To make the dragon shoot a salute, you need to pick up gunpowder and right-click. Successful craft!

Today we will talk about the minecraft online game, and to be more precise, we will learn how to grow a dragon egg.

To begin with, of course, we will need a dragon egg, and in order to get it, we need to go through a number of difficult stages. We will be able to get an egg only if we defeat the dragon itself, what to do is not so easy if you do not prepare well before attacking the dragon. From the very beginning of version 1.0.0, in an amazing online game, minecraft was created by a fascinating game called “END” (“End”), which translates from in English means "end." And you can get into this world only through the dead body of a dragon, having killed him.

Preparing for a battle with the dragon

Prepare for a fight with the biggest and gigantic boss in the game. Killing about 30 Enders (terrifying monsters of high size, which appear only at night). To understand or enough we killed the Endermen, besides we don’t need to do anything to kill these monsters, and only when Ander’s eye appears will we stop killing them. Having received this eye, we launch it by pressing the right mouse button, and where the eye will fly, we will have to go after it. This eye will help us find a huge monster. Do not forget that before you go to the dragon, we need to grab a considerable amount of provisions (food), more arrows, be sure to purchase and equip the best armor, as well as take a diamond sword. Of course, having enchanted their armor and weapons, the chances of winning would practically increase to 100%. The first thing in the fight with the dragon, we need to destroy all its sources of life, from which it feeds its strength and energy. They will be on poles at different heights. Having defeated this monster, we will get a dragon egg. In place of his corpse will be a portal for returning home.

Dragon Egg Growth Stage

And so, the egg is with us and we are at home. The most important factor for growing eggs is a warm place.

Next, we will need to dig a hole, the size of the hole should be 3x3 (1 meter = 1 block, removed by pressing the left mouse button). Having dug a hole, we fill it with water, and in the middle of the hole we place 1 block of earth, after which we place a dragon egg on it. In order to get the dragon from our egg, it will take time. To make the egg grow faster, you can place lava in a circle around it. You will notice how the egg gradually grows and gather certain sizes a dragon hatch out of it. When our little dragon is born, do not forget to feed it with raw fish.

Video how to grow a dragon egg in minecraft

Did you fight him?
Where does an egg grow well?
The question arises, what is the end and how to raise a dragon?