How to find a girl for an hour. How to remove a girl? Where and how is it done right

  1. Cons pickup

At least once in their life, lonely young people wondered where they could take a girl for an interesting time. Now there are several methods of pickup, which differ from each other in time and cost.

If you needed to remove the girl for the night, then we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the following search options for sensual leisure.

Nowadays, searching girls through dating sites is very popular. This method allows you to pre-evaluate the appearance of the object to be removed. To realize it, you should register on the resource and indicate for what purposes you are looking for a companion. After that, the automatic search system will select for you several candidates. In this case, it is possible to agree with the girl about spending time even for an hour, but all these points should be discussed before the meeting.

Also now there are reports that pikapery removed a lot of girls with social networks . This method is good because the vast majority of young people have their own page in social networks. In this regard, the audience reach for the pickup is simply impressive.

However, in megacities, and in particular in Moscow, night clubs and discos are still the most popular place to go. This search method has both its pros and cons. Its advantages are the fact that the girls go there already loaded to the pickup. There is a case when, without waiting for the initiative from a strong half of humanity, the girls took off a guy at a similar event and had a fun night.

Cons pickup

And now about not so pleasant
And now about not so pleasant. Unfortunately, there are significantly fewer contenders for clubs in the clubs than on dating sites, so finding the right candidate will be much more difficult. In addition, when promoting a girl to spend time together, you probably need to spend money on food, and a positive result in this case is by no means guaranteed. However, no need to despair because of annoying misfires - be persistent, and you must glue the beauty for the night!

Still, pick up artists do not miss the opportunity to shoot a girl on the street. In many patriarchal cities, including in Minsk, there are special places where you can not particularly straining to remove a girl for an intimate pastime.

However, the correct definition of a place for a pickup is only half the battle However, the correct definition of a place for a pickup is only half the battle. In order to conduct the operation without delay, codenamed “pick-up”, the guy must make a strong impression on the girl. There are several ways to do this:

  1. Firstly, in this case you do not need to skimp on Ponte. They allow you to shoot a girl in the shortest possible time. Fashionable clothes from famous designers, expensive accessories will certainly add to your popularity with the fair sex.
  2. An important role in the art of pickup plays our transport. Agree, to remove the girl, having arrived to club by bicycle, is unpromising business. With all your views you must show the object of removal that it is a very influential and wealthy person. In the end, you will definitely need to bring the girl to the place of your future hanging out. Those. in order to remove it, you need to think it over in advance!

If you have not bought a car yet, this is not a disaster either! You can bring your buddies to this business, who will surely enter your position and lend theirs for a day. If for any reason you did not manage to get a car, then you will need to turn on all your artistic talent and order a taxi. For example, you can “hang noodles” for a girl, saying that you don’t drive to your Bentley clubs because you are afraid that someone from envy will spoil it. In many cases it rolls!

Feel free to take on your pickup with a variety of stylish trinkets Feel free to take on your pickup with a variety of stylish trinkets. Weak sex invariably bite on these little things and it becomes easier to remove. After that, you need to unobtrusively attract the attention of the lady you are interested. In the case of skillful exposure, it is half yours!

Many men are afraid to be the first to talk to girls. No problem! Many ladies do not mind starting a conversation. Expect, and you will certainly come up with one, or even two girls, who in the course of further conversation will be interested. The main thing is to find interesting topics for her.

Very important in the art of seduction is not to forget to praise yourself. You can tell how cool you were, while studying at a particular university. The main thing in this matter is not to overdo it, and not to look banal liar. Next, you should catch up with the atmosphere of mystery, so that the girl herself becomes interested in what you are doing now. On this basis, you can skillfully twist the process of removal, so that she does not even feel it.

On this basis, you can skillfully twist the process of removal, so that she does not even feel it

The final pickup process is also very important. As it may be a demonstration of the presence of a larger quantity. However, if you have only 20 bucks in your pocket, you can create the illusion of it. For example, you can with a calm view throw a waiter at tea 10 dollars, in every way demonstrating that for you it is not worth anything.

The girls love, wealthy and at the same time generous guys, so after that she probably wants to retire with you. If not, start to get acquainted with next girl , art pickup rewards the most stubborn! Remove the girl will be much easier generous young man.

Meeting at a party is considered one of the easiest, because initially the majority of single girls go there to relax, have fun, have a good time and meet someone. And as a rare party does without one or two cocktails, music and a dozen (and at least) cute and lonely girls, any pickup artist can find both sacrifice and purpose for himself.

But do not think that you will come to the club or home to your boyfriend, and within an hour you will be able to leave from there, ready for quick sex. Everything is not so simple, and that is why we allow ourselves to talk about several strategies at parties, taking as a basis two models - home and club parties .

Club parties are the best place for, as in the overwhelming majority of cases you are not required to do anything but to look good and have enough money to buy yourself and the girl you like to drink. It will also be useful to be able to dance, because you will only be judged by external data, because of the music you will hardly be able to express yourself in the role of an interesting and witty narrator.

Because first, take care to look good, and only then go to the club. After all, there you will find more than fierce competition from other pick up artists and fans quick sex . Namely, it is famous for all club parties, often ending in fights.

Once in the club, first of all we mix with the crowd at the bar, order a cocktail (not necessarily alcoholic) and carefully study the girls gathered in the club. All of them are divided into three categories:

The hunters;


Lucky / unlucky.

The first are all those girls at the party who came here for fun and sex. They choose their own partners, evaluating them for all the parameters listed above: the level of material well-being, external attractiveness, style. By choosing a guy, they can come to him themselves, or with the help of looks and smiles make it clear that he can approach them. After this, events develop more than swiftly, often putting in 10 dances, 5 toasts and 1 rapid sex, the place for which is chosen just as quickly - a smoking room, a toilet or a dark courtyard next to the club.

But with all the availability, you have little chance of removing such a hunter if you are not the alpha pick up artist of the evening and all the girls at the party do not look only at you.

Therefore, without wasting time, we cut off the touchy - girls who came to the club in search of "high love." They are waiting for the prince and show it with all of their appearance. No, you can meet them, and even after the party to take them home. But there will be no sex, because impatiens require a long period of courtship, beautiful words , going to the cinema, phone calls ... Having calculated the touchy, cut them off, and concentrated all our attention on the representatives of the third group, which we called "lucky / not lucky."

These girls at the party never get to know each other first, but they are never against dating guys. Come, smile, joke, drink, invite to dance, because the main thing that such a girl wants so far is to have fun. But about sex speech is not yet. And you must remember this. Of course, a girl can go over the excess and then ... But since we are adherent to a high pickup truck, we don’t even admit the possibility that you will take advantage of the girl’s helplessness, and therefore don’t even discuss such options.

We need to act differently - after the party we undertake to accompany the girl in order to have fun for the first 15 minutes, and then gradually go into the minor lyrical mood, and start talking about tenderness and love. It is romance that will allow you not only to unleash such a girl on a kiss, but also give you the opportunity to have sex with her. Well, how to create a romantic mood and properly talk about love, we will tell in the next articles of our site.

Now consider another option - home party .

Home party is different from the club in that we need to show ourselves in all its glory, otherwise the girls at the party will not pay any attention to us. And this is important, as only with bright, interesting and “detachable” guys girls are ready to engage. And according to statistics it is for this that every 3rd of them comes to the home party.

In order to make a proper impression, you must, of course, look good, hold on adequately and dance well. But the home party differs from the club one in that here the wit and the ability to keep up a cheerful conversation are much more valuable, and that’s why we are focusing on that.

In addition - and this is important - to prepare a girl for sex, we begin, not after a party, but right on her. And with this we are helped by slow dances and solitude in the kitchen, balcony or in the stairwell, which we use to create a romantic mood and to show the girl our love. But before that, we act in the same way as in a nightclub, dividing girls into categories: hunters, impatiens, “lucky / unlucky.”

Only it is worth remembering that the hunter to take off at a house party is much easier. Firstly, you will not have such competition as in a club, and, secondly, a home party does not require proof of your financial viability from you. In this case, it will be a very big mistake to seduce a hunter by means of “romance” and “love” - they don’t bite on such tricks, and if you try to use them, the hunters will most likely laugh to you right in the face.

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